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Marcus Herfort
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Liability notice:

ICONS Activities S.L. is responsible as a service provider according to § 3 No.1, § 8 (1) of the Teleservices Act (TDG) (as of 14.12.2001) for own information, which is held ready for use, according to the general laws.

Cross-references (“links”) to content provided by other providers are to be distinguished from this own content. The content of other providers transmitted or stored via “links” is third-party information and not ICONS Activities S.L.’s own content. However, “links” are always “living” (dynamic) references. ICONS Activities S.L. has checked the external content when the link was first created to determine whether it could give rise to civil or criminal liability. However, according to the TDG, ICONS Activities S.L. as a service provider is not obliged to monitor the information transmitted or stored by it or to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity (§8(2) TDG). Only if it is established or pointed out by others that a specific offer to which a link has been provided may give rise to civil or criminal liability will the reference to this offer be cancelled. In detail, the TDG regulates the liability of the service provider as follows:

ICONS Activities S.L. is not responsible for the transmission of external information if ICONS Activities S.L.

  1. has not initiated this,
  2. has not selected the address data of the transmitted information and
  3. has not selected or changed the transmitted information (§ 9(1) TDG)

ICONS Activities S.L. is not responsible for the automatic, temporary intermediate storage of third-party information if it

  1. does not change the information,
  2. observes the conditions for access to the information,
  3. complies with the rules for updating the information set out in widely recognised and used industry standards,
  4. does not interfere with the authorised use of technology to collect data on the use of the information as set out in widely recognised and used industry standards; and
  5. acts promptly to remove or disable access to stored information as soon as it becomes aware that the information has been removed from the network at the original point of transmission or access to it has been disabled or a court or administrative authority has ordered its removal or disabling (§10 TDG).

ICONS Activities S.L. is not responsible for third-party information that it stores for a user, provided that it

  1. has no knowledge of the unlawful act or information and, in the case of claims for damages, is not aware of any facts or circumstances from which the unlawful act or information is evident, or
  2. took immediate action to remove the information or to block access to it as soon as it became aware of it (§ 11 TDG).


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