October 1st – 6th 2024



Enjoy the prestigious summit of extraordinary and rare cars in an international meeting of owners and collectors.

ICONS Mallorca – this is an exclusive car-event during nearly a whole week. The Concours d Elegance “The Grand” invites Coachbuilding Classics, Unique Ones, rare sportscars and prototypes.

Three driving-experiences as roadbook-guided rallies discover the beauty and the incomparable landscape of the balearic island – always with limited number of teams only.

Relax, enjoy, encounter the community of other car-aficionados and collectors in the Concours or in the rally “On Tour” or join the ladies in the solely women-driven “La Vitesse”-rally stages. Bring a supersportcar or hypercar of recent periods or actual construction year and take part in the driving-parts of “Extravaganza”. Or just bring a cute little Beach Car and be part of the world’s first Beach-Car Meeting called “Gran Mar”.

ICONS Mallorca has a lot to offer.
The theme of ICONS is “Mobility Week for Good” as the entrants and organisers will donate part of the results to selected charities.

Community. Mobility. Exclusivity.

ICONS is the exclusive meeting of owners, collectors, and aficionados with their cars. There is a special supersportscar stage. Up to 120 rare, significant, unique and iconic automobiles and owners will meet in a „Mobility Week for Good“.

All will enjoy relaxing days and activities and create something good to donate to charities.

Concours de Elegance „The Grand“ is the highlight with up to 40 carefully selected cars.
The Grand will be featured in matchless settings, presenting classics, sportscars, concept cars.

Beach-Cars from Renault- or Fiat-Jolly, Mehari to VW will all join in for a real cool and amazingly unexcited reunion.

Women-Drivers have a new competition in the ICONS as „La Vitesse“ is promising two and a half days of sheer driving pleasure and deep bond.

Mallorca: The most manifoldly island – the perfect place to race the rally „On Tour“ in the Tramuntana Mountains – a UNESCO World Heritage – or thru dreamlike vineyards.

ICONS Mallorca will build a bridge between exclusive spots, tracktimes on the Circuit de Mallorca, the city of Palma and a very special group of entrants.

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ICONS Selection

Concours d’Élégance

The Grand

Only 30 carefully curated and selected classic automobiles in an enchanting setting on the green

Elegant cars of coachbuilder origin

One-offs, former prototypes, individual stylings

Unique, ultra-rare and once in a blue moon

2 ½ days of beautiful concours program

Scoring by international jury in 8 classes for entrant-cars built from 1920 until 1984

Exclusive locations – enjoyable moments

More about The Grand
Ladies Rally

La Vitesse

Special-organised rally for strictly lady-teams and lady-pilots only to enjoy community

Competitive driving, touristic-routes, regularity- and sporty elements in 2 ½ days of fun

Some laps on „Circuit de Mallorca“ / Llucmajor

Limited to 20 teams only – a superb squad of charming octane-ladies

For all ladies to read more

On Tour

Up to 40 cars eligible in the tour – 2 ½ full days

Check-In evening & get-together at the new top-destination: Motorworld Mallorca

Rally as touristic-regularity format with times-stages as well – organised perfectly by an experienced mallorcan rally-team

Encounter secret places in an extraordinary ride

Cars eligible for the years built: 1925 – 1984 in 5 classes for category-scoring and trophies

Further information here
Supercar Stage


Up to 20 cars in this exclusive rally

Tramuntana Mountains with Sa Calobra, great straights and competitive corners to enjoy your car

Extra stages on solely reserved track at „Circuit de Mallorca“ in Llucmajor

Seclusive meeting of modern street-legal high-performance supercars and hypercars

The grid is open for models from late 80s and 90s to present days

Register to learn more
Beach Car Meeting

Gran Mar

Lovely Beach-Cars will have an independent program and common hours with the Concours

Historic Beach-Cars, modern versions and variations of this style: The recipe for the meeting

Enjoy driving parts – but also visit selected Beach-Clubs – maximum of 10 cars in this event part

Design and presentation of Beach-Cars adds to the Mediterranean lifestyle

Become a beach-car entrant
Port Andratx – Show & Parade

Public Day

On the harbour promenade, the ICONS celebrate Saturday with an exhibition and a vehicle presentation to the jury together in front of the public.
The picturesque backdrop – many say it is the prettiest harbour in the Mediterranean – with its stylish and old buildings, yacht club, restaurants and cafés is an inviting setting.

The Concours vehicles from “The Grand” are presented here. They will then be explained by presenters as they drive past the jury line-up.
Beach cars and rally cars will be there. Super sports cars meet in an exhibition.

Auto-biographies will be told in the truest sense of the word.

The Public Day starts at 10.00 am and ends at around 4.00 pm or 5.00 pm.

The island's sights

Sights of the Island
Mallorca – a perfect paradise

For you … to discover the beauty of an incomparable island in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca offers so much: From Vineyards to Olive Groves, little ports to beaches. See the historic Cathedral „Le Seu“ – Holy Mary – built in the 14th century in Palma with the modern architecture of the „Parc de la Mar“ in front. A real landmark spot. On the terraces of Parc de La Mar the ICONS will celebrate a final gathering of all entrant-cars and participating rally-cars on the ICONS-Saturday – October 5th, 2024. One of many very rare and unique occasions.

A true legacy

Island Legacy

Since the 50s this celebrity-spot is a fine retreat for many. Many true VIPs from stage, movies, society have relished sites and venues as their soothing cocoon. Legends – well known – have proofed the quality and exclusivity for the right moments easily to be compared with other high-calibre destinations elsewhere in the south of Europe.

ICONS Hot Spots

Hot Spots in ICONS – Find & Discover

There is a lot to discover participating in ICONS. We open some of the very special private places as scenes for the entrants. Renown Golf Courses in the South and the North, old Castellos or private fincas. Exclusive use of the race-track in Llucmajor. Evenings in privacy with the community of aficionados.

Partners & Friends


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